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Village Capital and Citi Community Development are holding the 2016 San Francisco Forum on Health IT and Medical Devices, the second event in the Inclusive Entrepreneurship Series, at the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center on March 10th 2016. The forum offers support to entrepreneurs who are working on improving health outcomes for low-income patients.

The problem
Eighty-nine percent of poor households across the country have less access to health care than their higher-income counterparts, with similar disparities accounting for 31% of all U.S. healthcare costs (1). In the Bay Area, this trend translates to residents of Bay View/Hunters Point, a low-income neighborhood, having worse health outcomes and life expectancies of fourteen fewer years than people who live in Russian Hill, a higher-income neighborhood (2). Income is only one of the many socioeconomic variables that influence health outcomes, accounting for roughly 40% of the total determining factors.

Seeking a solution
To address this challenge, Village Capital, Citi Community Development, and the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center are hosting a one-day Health Forum for 10-12 early-stage ventures in the Bay Area with a health IT or medical device solution that aim to improve health outcomes and/or the healthcare experience for low-income patients. We’re especially interested in women and minority-led ventures endeavoring to solve some component of this complex problem.

We are seeking solutions across the healthcare continuum to participate. Specific examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Ventures improving care coordination for patients, their family members, and providers
  • Ventures that enhance health literacy for patients, such as novel techniques to deploy hospital or clinic discharge instructions
  • Ventures that provide solutions for managing healthcare costs and/or understanding insurance options
  • Ventures that both decrease the cost of health services and improve access

The event will take place on March 10th, and will consist of two main components:

  1. Entrepreneur engagement
  2. An investor-facing pitch fest in which two participants will be selected to win $20,000 in seed funding

Does your venture sound like a good fit? Apply now to participate in the 2016 San Francisco Forum on Health IT and Medical Devices:

Application: 2016 San Francisco Forum on Health IT and Medical Devices

February 2, 2016